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WORDWISE Christian Resource Centre, Book & Coffee Shop

WORDWISE is one of the few Christian bookshops serving the South Hams, represented and supported by over twenty churches of various denominations under the Churches Gathering umbrella.

WORDWISE is the face of all the local churches in the Kingsbridge area. It provides a service for all Christian resources, as well as a coffee shop and a listening ear.

While you’re here you can browse through a fine selection of Christian books from Bibles to latest releases, CDs, DVDs, cards for all occasions and a great selection of gifts.

We stock or can order material for Sunday Schools. We have a range of Bible reading notes and can sell them on a subscription basis.

We stock a range of worship and other Christian music CDs and DVDs.


WORDWISE needs 24 volunteers a week to run smoothly, so if you're a Christian and would like to volunteer to help, please pop in and see the shop manager.

WORDWISE is a very important presence on Fore St., not just physically but, more importantly, spiritually, as it projects God’s name and God’s word, sowing seeds in the heart of the unbeliever.

WORDWISE  Trustees:-

 Brenda Gilchrist (Chair)

 Derek Gilchrist

 Malcolm Carter

 Sally Hyne

 Michael Tagent (Treasurer)

Charity No. 1098305